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Digital Product Design.

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UI/UX Design

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We are design & development
team that is proud of
our work.


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We create products that make people happy.

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Our Creative Team.

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Patricia Parsons

Art Director

Paul O’Brien

Senior Designer

Victoria Floyd

Lead Developer

Joseph Bridges


Our Latest News.

SensesKit R

Kit de 6 olores con identificador (fresa, limón, queso, coco, amoníaco y vinagre) destinado a la rehabilitación de la capacidad ...

SensesKit K

Test olfatométrico para la identificación del umbral de detección olfativa. Mide la concentración a partir de la cual no ...

Senses kit A

Destinado a diagnosticar la capacidad olfativa alterada debido a problemas cognitivos, SensesKit A consta de cuatro olores relacionados con ...

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